Max & Molly Client: BBC

Splinter wrote, designed and produced 11 Bitesize KS1 interactive science games in partnership with the BBC. This was followed by a further 7 titles focused on the Scottish Level 1 curriculum. The games which feature Max, Molly and Pablo in a diverse range of scenarios, have been a great hit with countless children and were shortlisted for a BIMA in 2012.


Project team

  • ChrisContent Management
  • JonFlash development
  • AdamFlash development
  • SteIllustration & game design
  • SaraEducation consultant
Play Games

They are one of the most creative, reliable companies I’ve worked with and I would be happy to recommend them to anyone else. Their illustration and design work is top quality - they understand the audience completely and interpret the brief well.

Rachel Duckhouse, Producer, BBC Scotland

If you to want find out more about how we created the Max & Molly games check out our blog: INSIDE THE WORLD OF BITESIZE.

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