LIVERPOOL’S LOCAL OFFER APP Client: Liverpool City Council

Splinter, in partnership with Twin Vision, produced the Local Offer App for Liverpool. Our track records of including young people within the creative process, and delivering engaging and accessible digital products for young audiences, made us the perfect partner for Liverpool City Council.


Project team

  • ChrisProject Management & focus testing
  • RachaelFocus testing & research
  • AdamDesign & focus testing
  • ClaireStoryboarding
  • BarryApp Development
  • ChrisAnimation
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It is vital that we make the information more user friendly and interesting to young people, because if we want them to use it then it has to be presented in a way that is easily understandable to them and presented in an accessible way.

Councillor Nick Small, Assistant Mayor and Cabinet member for education

In-depth focus testing was conducted at 4 schools. We worked closely with disabled children, and those with SEN, to influence and shape the app and animations. Participants informed design, accessibility and content of the animations ensuring they were appropriate and accessible for the audience. Our method ensured sustained participation through accessible delivery tailored to the needs of the participants resulting in an intuitive, clear and accessible app, responsive to the specified range of devices / screen sizes.

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